Friday, September 4, 2009

My Birthday – What Did I Do All Day?

Yesterday was my Birthday. O yeah. I didn’t go to work. In fact, I am taking the whole week off. It was the day, the week in a year I usually feel neither- here-nor-there. I was happy. Still am. Maybe a little bit sad. OK, mostly sad.

I know I can be overdramatic sometimes. Fiercely in denial even. But as my mother or any other person who loves me would constantly nag to my ears, life’s got to move on. So I just pretended it was just like any other day. Like the rest of 364 days. Normal.

But, try as I might, those birthday messages/wishes were very had to ignore. Sigh.

4.46 a.m: Woke up, had a slice of bread and a cup of coffee.Took a dump.

6.01 a.m: Cleaned myself. Went to office (to sit for an Exam).

1.02 p.m: Cleared off some pending works. Went straight home.

1.36 p.m: Dozed off.

3.14 p.m: Watched TV. (Let’s see, a re-run of ‘Every Loves Raymond’, E!’s Hollywood True Stories, History Channel’s The Lost World and Disney’s Phineaus And Ferbs, how’s that?)

4.55 p.m: Checked the internet. Emails. Facebook. Mariah Archives (Strictly for research), Chatting etc.

5.48 p.m: Run a few errands. Bought some groceries. Checked out Bazaar Ramadan.

6.59 p.m: ‘’Alone time” in the bathroom.

7.21 p.m: Buka time. Most days, I’ll go with the liquid meal like cendol or laici or cincau and a handful of salads or dates but yesterday, I went for “the whole nine yards” spread. Well, imagine what a big grizzly bear would stock up right before wintertime as they go for get the idea. It’s my Birthday, dammit!

8.34 p.m: Read my two novels I just got last week for about an hour. Hope I can finish them before Raya. (I dig ‘The Lovely Bones’, what a masterpiece!)

9.47 p.m: TV time. (I can’t recall any show!)

10.59 p.m: Curled up in my bed. This is actually my favourite part of the day. The bed is warm and toasty and I get to hang out with some of my favourite items – Kiki and Lulu. (Dont you judge me!)

11.13 p.m: Cried myself to sleep.

Next year, same time: Wake up, take an aspirin and do it all over again. I am in rot!