Thursday, February 14, 2013

Superheroes* Invaded Penang

Let’s go to Penang!” That’s how it started when Alvin proposed a short weekend getaway to ‘Superheroes*’ sometimes in December last year. Everyone was super excited about it. As for me who’s been to Penang only two times before, I thought, this must be some kind record – my first holiday trip with my family from office! So the mood was set up from the get go, it was something that all of us, superheroes were really looking forward to.
Our historic journey began on Friday night, January 11, 2013. After waiting patiently for Syafiq to collect our rented mode of transportation (a comfortable and spacious 10-seater van) we finally left Pudu exactly at 11.02pm. Alas, some of us already had gotten hungry from all that time waiting for the van earlier on, so upon suggestion by Ms. Kyra, we stopped by at Rasta Food Court, at Sg. Penchala, for a quick bite and all. And the journey continued right after that, which I think around 12.34am.

After risking blood clots in our legs by sitting in a van for 6 hours, we arrived at our destination at 6.30 the next morning. Not a minute to waste, we looked for a place to have our breakfast since some of us already demonstrating signs of unruly behaviors probably due to extreme hunger. Our mamak of choice was that 24-hour restaurant along Gurney Drive. I forget the name.

Since Shahrul knows Penang like the back of his hands, he took over the chauffeur’s job from Kong and Syafiq. His first assignment was driving us around the island, starting with tranquil places like Bukit Bendera, Bayan Lepas and Balik Pulau. We even treated ourselves with ‘Durian Buffet’ along the way and had a blast taking pictures on the side of the road, like a bunch of lost Japanese tourists in Europe. Ah, those fun moments!

Later that late morning, we went back to Georgetown and were totally in the mood of emerging ourselves with the city’s splendors of the past. We visited many historical landmarks like Fort Cornwallis, Padang Kota Lama, and Penang City Hall Building. Every site brought new knowledge to us and some of it even refreshed our memories as we have known them from our history class. Here also, we really brought ‘photo-taking’ to the next new level – Luqman and Boey especially. 

I must say, all these historical visits really made us nostalgic and hungry, so we decided to have our lunch in one of the most-reviewed makan place in Penang, Kapitan Restaurant in Jalan Chulia. Thanks to Shahrul, we found the restaurant in no time. The food was great and the service was not bad too.

By the time we finished cleaning up our plates, it was already check in time. Alvin before now has arranged for all of us to stay in Georgetown Hotel in Jalan Burma, so it means it’s “recharge time”! And by that I meant 6-hour continuous, really slooow recharge.

We only regained our consciousness around dinner time and Nita suggested we have our dinner in Batu Ferringhi cause you know, it’s easy for us to shop later at that famous night market. After all, superheroes are supposed to have weaknesses, and our kryptonite is cheap shiny things.

After we were all done with dinner and shopping, none of us has yet to show the signs of advanced age. “Night is still young!” said Alvin in his usual trainer’s voice. So all of us hopped in the van one more time and headed to Gurney Drive. “It’s karaoke time!”

It was one of the rarest occasions, as Nita showcasing her amazing vocal styling and we were all felt surreal and special. It was a great night for everyone and I remember having a tough time peeling my hands off the mike when it ended.

The second day was rather uneventful. It was a free and easy thing so some of us took this opportunity to continue shopping at the nearby mall. The rest opted for healthier activity like swimming and sweating it off at the gym.

 Great things must come to end, so did our first holiday trip together as family.  Before we left for home, we had our lunch in the hotel and we were already making plans for our next trip. Everyone was so excited and seemed happy and relax in the company of each other. It’s really a picture perfect moment for all of us.

*refers to the name we call ourselves in the department