Monday, April 27, 2009

"That Man Could Have Been Me!"

A 30-year-old man was pulled out from under a giant pile of books that had collapsed on him, but he died shortly after being rescued. The pile fell on him as he lay in his bedroom and according to police, the weight of the papers muffled his cries for help. He died on Sunday.

The police said they had to use an axe to smash the door of the bedroom because the collapsed pile blocked their entry.

I know a couple weeks ago, I lamented the fact I didn’t read enough, but now, this is getting ridiculous. For the past two weeks I bought 10 books. Oh yeah, I asked to read more NOT to buy even more book and pile them up on my bedside table to someone’s impending demise.

Buying books has now become my latest obsession. By obsession I mean an uncontrollable urge to appear a scholarly pipe-smoking to my friends, in hope my gulliable friends will assume I wrote all the books in my shelves - that I was once named Sophie Kinsella.

And for the past two weeks seeing my room litters with unread books , enough to fill up “I-am-a-dork’’ section in the MPAJ public library, gives me unnamed pleasure and raised a trivia on the same time;

Where on earth am I gonna find time to read them? Well.....

On vacation is one of them.

Oops did I say vacation?..again?...gosh, I hate to brag but I sorta did. Oh well, here’s come the customary photos for your jealous eyes.

So while other people busy froliking on the beach and drying out in the midday Sun, I, for a change, buried myself with a book. I managed to finish one non-pictorial-whatsoever small book in merely three days (instead of, urm, forever). Yippee - quite an achivement if you ask me, considering my short-as-Dory-the-fish span of attention and never-been-kissed by a book’s history.

Erm, on the last count, I still have 9 to go. Now that I am back, looking at them makes my head spins.

So when’s next?

Gee, I used to read a book before I sleep, but they gave me nighmares. Shiver.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Step Up!

If there’s one thing - and only one thing - I could have changed about myself (see, I am not perfect); is to read more. Seriously guys, I can barely flip a page without any word of “gadget”, “year-end sale” or “sex” plastered all over the cover. OK fine, I prefer pictorial type, so sue me!

A couple days ago, in a hot pursuit of bestest deal of 30-cents-cheaper instant noodle in Carrefour Ampang, I found myself in seventh Heaven. It seemed like the angels were singing to me. I finally saw the light.


Like a moth to the flame, I was ‘hypnotized’; succumbed to the greatness of these two magical words; “SALE” and “RM5.90”. The fact that the word “BOOKS” was also in between of those two other words escaped me. Curiosity got the best of me but still, not wanting to end up spending my hard-earned ringgit on yet another Cash-Converter-bound items, I set a simple-yet-attainable ground rule – Must.Have.Free.Gift.

After 30 minutes of hard work of digging and shoving, I finally unearth a treasure, a book titled 'Every Step Counts' completes with, wait for it, a pedometer.

Pedo what? Good question. Now that you asked.

“This could be it”, my first step in the path of Greek God glory. The vision was so clear I went straight to the cashier and paid for my potential eternal happiness.

At home, I right away tried the pedometer. Fastened it on my waist, I took my first, baby step and the reading immediately clocked 00001. I almost jumped in excitement. “This thing really works”. There’s something about this thing that screams, “Step up or step OUT!”.

I never look back. For me the journey already began.

So for the past 3 days I have been hanging this pedo-tastic-meter on my belt, it’s cramping my style, but man, it feels good.

And just for your own education and….mine, here’s the current tally;

Day one: 005013 steps
Day two: 007142 steps

Ultimately, my target is 10,000 steps per day.I guess, it’s time to step up the game….

And Oh, about the book.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Give ‘Em Something To Talk About

It’s amazing how fast the information (read: juicy bits) about me travel these days. I feel like Malaysia’s answer to Britney Spears. If I say one thing to one friend, man, I can really assure the next thing, bam, the other friend across the valley would know about it - down to the very last details.

It’s pretty scary sometimes. But I wasn’t flipping out. Wait, it was actually a total opposite of flipping out. It was heartening. I feel loved. Friends still want to know how am I doing despite of “their times with me probably were already up’’. They still worry about me.

Erm, or maybe they have a lot of free times on their hands.

Now speaking about free time....

Oh come on! You wouldn’t seriously think I would go to this phenomenal place and come back without posting a picture here?

A view fits for a king

Sometimes it’s hard to believe there’s such amazing resort here....

....or that I’d be here at all!

My playground

My spa

I didn’t want to come back, but...sigh, I just had to blog, brag and talk non-stop about it.

Now if there’s one other thing about me worth ‘’talk about’’ while I am at it; I was picked as one of the ‘Anugerah Khas’ winner for Beyond P. Ramlee Project by Graharesidenku.


I am esctatic. It’s huge news. I should be calling friends now. Oops..I think I already did that. So all I need to do is just sit, relax, prep up my feet up and wait for the news to go around. Like I said, my friends would stand up, prick up their ears and talk.

I guess I should be flattered.