Monday, March 31, 2008

Holiday Enigma

Clearly I wasn’t winning the battle of the bulge and my new scale betrayed me, so I decided to pack my bag and escape from it all, so to speak.

Lately my life took a dramatic U-turn and I found myself sprawling merciless at the bottomless pit of self-pity and after shock (this is sooooo not THAT kind of post) so I desperately needed a break, but there was no way I could squeeze in a breather without me breaking somebody’s neck.

So one day I told my boss I needed a long, uninterrupted break or I’ll have to check myself into rehab so fast Amy Winehouse’s dad would be so proud (no, no, no). You see I was ready to hear a custom ‘we must work as team’ and ‘time’s not right’ speech but instead, without missing a beat, she said ‘yes’. No condition.


I burst into laughter. The timing was priceless. She actually said yes! If I needed proof that a break was overdue, this had to be it. Talk about divine intervention.

So where have I been to? And more importantly - with whom I went with?

Na’ah. I won’t tell.

Yes, I have been somewhere, but I wasn’t allowed to tell about it – due to personal and security reasons.

But do not fret guys, I brought something from this hush hush holiday - a clue, a riddle, a mystery for you guys to decipher. After all what am I if not an enigma, am I not?

A mystery well kept...err secret.

Ha! This should be fun eh!

I am beginning to get hang of this. I think photography would be my next calling. Until I get a proper camera, that is!

Not sure whether it was the camera phone or the ‘technique’ but the sunset was simply gorgeous. Doesn’t it?

Think you know where this is? Enlighten me.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Adulation of Nation

Season 7 of American Idol is currently underway, and I bet we are all over the place on who we think will win the crown this year.

Many of our older friends are drooling over Michael Johns, while most of our teen girl friends are going Ga-Ga over David Archuleta. Other friends are rocking over David Cook, swooning over Jason Castro, and giving luck-of-the-Irish toasts to Carly Smithson. And then there are those of us who want Amanda Overmyer gone. Immediately. Like right this very instant.

As for me, this year's crop of talent probably the best since the introduction of this much-hyped reality program cum talent searching cum nationwide singing competition 6 years ago. No doubt about it. (Some of them are pretty good!)

But (O here we go again!) truth to be told, unfortunately none of them catches my fancy (not that it really matters). They lack, to my humble opinion, an aura or a quality of an overall great entertainer. So what really is an Idol?

Here's my take on ,I think, what really separates a true blue Idol from a bunch of mere wannabes.

1. Good look - What more can I say, good look sells. People don't spend thousand of ringgit to hear them singing 'in tune' only. I don't say it's necessary fair, but do you really think somewhere, someone will offer Melinda Dolittle a much revered Sport Illlustrated cover? Not in my time, dude. Well, maybe Sanjaya.

2. Awesome moves - For a good sizeable tv appeal, you must be able to grab the audience by the balls, do everything within reasons to sell the song. Jumping around like drunken men included - if you must. No dancing lesson required. People just want to be entertained. Well, at least it worked with 'Raja Lawak', don't you think?

3. Great set of pipes - Ain't this supposed to be singing competition, first and foremost? So what am I missing here?

4. X factor/Uniqueness/Likeability - Salt and pepper hair, Mohawk hairdo, singing while lying down. You take a pick. Standing out in the crown is not an option here and humility is the way to go.

And who do I think really fits the bill? (Some of them are pretty obvious, *wink wink*). So Here's my top 5 most favorite, best Idol..ever! (David A, take cue!)

1. Taylor Hicks from AI Season 5
2. Fantasia Barrino from AI Season 3
3. Jasmine Trias from AI Season 3
4. Matt Roger from AI Season3
5. Jaclyn Victor from MI Season 1

When the chips are down, my best bet for this year's winner is David Archuleta or maybe even David Cook. I think. I don't know.

Anyway, I wish them all the best. Aren't they all living up my dream. Now that's really depressing. Aaahhh..

WARNING: Viewing pictures of Taylor Hicks performing on stage has been known to cause otherwise sane women/and some men to go completely bonkers and *thud* where they sit or stand. Please view these pictures responsibly by making sure there are no sharp objects within fainting range and that the floor around you has been sufficiently padded.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bored And Lonely

My dear friend, Hasmiron introduced me to this amazing where-are-you-friends, jejak-kasih type of website - Facebook a couple weeks ago, and astonishingly it took me a couple of days to mull and chew over before I decided to sign up. (Normal lonely, high tech savvy people wouldn’t wait a second to sign up upon invitation by a total stranger they met at the grocery store)

OK OK I admit I was skeptical. I wasn’t that interested. I am unsociable and I have a heart of Moon’s rocks - mock me! But I guess, after probably signed up a couple of dozen of more obscure websites, I became wary. From Friendster to Myspace and from E-kawan to WYNN, my profile is probably read by more people than of that Pamela Anderson’s. Heck, my photo’s profile could well be spewed around the cyber space like an advertisement spam of a can of soda.

That's said, I guess I am kinda person who is easily bored than lonely…plus I am lazy. Come on, how can anyone expect me to remember a dozen of different set of ID and password every time I want to log in to that every single blimey sites. The amount of time and effort to recall are just ridiculous. Now imagine if I just add one more…..

In fact, my current unmanageable signed-up sites, still receive messages, some dated way back from 12 December 2006 (unopened because I forget the password). - thanks to my “interesting” profile and my unedited, no-airbrush, no touch up, pure, amazing, totally-me photos. OK mock me again.

So is this Facebook any good? Well, so far I have no complain. Within days I have more than 10 friends, Yipee! I still get excited over it and am still exploring around every corner of it and weighing its potential. I guess we just have to see what happen next until the excitement die down or maybe until another genius nerds to come up with a better and more interesting site.

Until it finally happens, please send me invitation, do add me as your friends, post me a comments and coax me into signing up another site, after all, I am kinda bored and lonely.

Doesn't it get more obvious now?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hope Couture

*Hope couture
(howp’ku toor)n.

The item of clothing you keep for years in the vain hope you might fit back into it someday.
(also wishfits, martin-luthers, as in “I have a dream….”)

I had a long, boring, uneventful weekend, so basically it was a perfect time for ‘Me’ time and I did exactly what a ‘perfectly’ normal people would do during weekend – cleaning. Yes, I ended up cleaning out my closet for two days. I guess when you rarely peek into your deepest corner of your wardrobe that’d bound to happen.

Anyway, I started the historical deeds by separating all my wardrobes into four categories;
1) Favorite clothes - cause they fit nicely without me wheezing out loudly when I put them on.
2) Things I don’t need. Probably they no longer fit or in fashion.
3) More than 2 year-old clothes that I still keep - in hope that I’ll be able to fit in later in my lifetime.
4) Other items of clothing that barely legal or near-offensive. i.e my swimming attires, my undies and my PJs

Then something cruel dawned to me. The harshest truth, fact of life came crashing down on my ample body. Half of my closet falls under category three. I leaned back and closed my eyes, riding out the shame in waves. So what am I gonna do with this?

Should I burn them all? Donate those to needy as blankets? Or should I be patience and keep it? They are so many. Suddenly I felt so attached to them. For some reasons it brought the painful memory of being ‘not fat’ not so long ago. An era I still can’t get myself over with.

"Wow, I used to run in these little hot pants”

"Hey, I remember worn this tiny shirt while frolicking on the beach"

I think I am gonna keep those clothes. After all, this ‘fat thing’ is only temporarily. I’ll be back thinner and better in no time and I am gonna wear them all. I am gonna save my hard-earned money for something more meaningful like buying a new scale or more undies and I shall banish that category three forever.

Until that happens, no cleaning out the closet for me. Let it be just that.

I figure somewhere between size L and XXL, I must have learned a few things.