Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Article For The Buletin

2010 has been a great year for all of us. A number of exciting activities that aim to forge better ties between staff and management have been successfully organized throughout the year. And among those memorable occasions that took place recently were the much-anticipated Bank Pembangunan Group Annual Dinner and Anugerah Khidmat Setia.

Joint together as one-night function, the Glam & Elegant themed event was undeniably a roaring success as around 600 staff including their spouses thronged the Grand Ballroom of Shang-ri La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 4 November 2010 for that special, once a year occasion.

Later that night, all that present including our VIP guests were being delightfully entertained with the riveting musical performance by our local singing sensation Anuar Zain, and with Sharifah Shahirah served as the celebrity emcee.

Anuar Zain, however, was not the only main star of the night. Recipients of the Anugerah Khidmat Setia were also received celebrity-like receptions when they went up on stage to receive their certificates and plaques; which by the way, fashioned closely after major Hollywood awards shows.

Not to be outdone by Sharifah Shahirah that night, our in-house emcees specially for the long service awards segment, Puan Munyati Muhamed Padzil and Tuan Syed Mustaffa Syed Mohamad went all out to add some ‘glamour and elegant’ to the award ceremony.

This is indeed an important event to us as we congratulate our employees who completed from 10 to 30 years of continuous service to the organization and thank them for their dedication and loyalty.

It is a known fact that the most important resource in any organization is its employees and without such, failure is imminent. Bank Pembangunan Group as a whole has undergone drastic changes in the past 36 years which have affected its staff and persuaded some to choose different careers. This special recognition is therefore held to acknowledge the hard work and contributions made to the organization by the recipients.

In terms of incentive and reward, the Bank goes all the way to ensure the staff’s loyalty and contributions wouldn’t go unnoticed. Each of AKS recipients, including the Retirement Awards was awarded with an exquisite-designed plaque, BSN gift certificate and a certificate of recognition from the Bank.

And the best thing is, all the awards and certificates was handed out personally to all eligible employees by our Group President/Managing Director, Dato’ Zafer Hashim, in present of the COO, En. Jamaluddin Nor Mohamad.

To all of the recipients, we would like to once again thank you for your commitment to the organization as a whole. Your hard work and contributions are invaluable and we trust that you have set the example for many more staff to share in your dedication and commitment and to follow in your footsteps.

Let’s hope that 2011 be a year of productivity and diligence for us all to achieve our aspirations and life dreams.