Monday, March 30, 2009

Lights Out! Votes In!

People, sometimes, are weird. They may appear like believing one thing and yet just in a blink of an eye, they do the totally opposite thing of what they believe in. Apparently principle and dignity are strange concept, and all thrown out the window in the name of self-gratification.

Case in point, last Saturday, 28 Mac 2009, 8.30pm to be exact, the whole KL was in the dark. Supposedly to show support for much published the Earth Hour. We, the so-called children of the world, tree-hugging, cow-eating earthlings or whatever you might call it, were encouraged to switch off the lights for a mere one hour to show our dishonest grievances towards our dying planet.

Noble indeed.

But, sigh, as someone famous might has sung it before, ‘we are only human, made of blood and flesh’, human actually are not capable of being faithful, they are not good in keeping promises, or living in inconveniences, let alone, eating in the dark, o yeah I know that cause I am one.

See, I was having my dinner at Kampung Baru on that we-love-Earth-so-much-we-try-save-our-electricity-bill night. The whole ‘kedai makan’ was lights off. They put all sorts of candles on every table to make ‘the eating experience’ more bearable. I wasn’t really complaining - that would be the worst of time for anyone to become a big-wig Diva. It’s our mother nature we are talking about here, so I guess it’s fair enough.

Then, after 30 minutes of good, quite meal, I couldn’t help but noticed that, the candlelight wasn’t the only thing that shines brightly on that night, the TVs were suddenly on. So I squinted my eyes and couldn’t believe what I saw was on.

“Dik, naper buka TV, belum lepas 9.30 lagi?”

“Ada AF bang, banyak customer nak tengok”

I was stunned, never a fan of the program itself, but I couldn’t help but wonder…

Some kids are so lucky, not only they robbed our money and dignity, they depleted our much-conserved energy, melted our polar ice cap and drove humanity to extinction…and managed to away with it triumphantly.

I am not hating, but I’ll vote Mother Nature anytime.

Monday, March 23, 2009

"I Love You But I Love Myself More"

My weekend was all about sex, love, relationship and more, err, sex. Not that I had any at the moment, mind you, I am saving myself for a certain someone. But now that I got your attention, let me tell you what’s coursing through my ‘’unpure’’ mind all these days.

First, I got ‘hooked up’ with four classy ladies from New York. Nooo, not the way that you imagined, you slimebag. Actually, they are Miranda, Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte, so it kinda more like, go on say it, in ‘my’ imagination – I watched the full season six of Sex And The City on VCD straight, (O yeah, you heard that right!)

My two cents on it; Wow, what a frank, revealing look, in-your-face take on sex, love, relationship and anything that comes in between. I am sold. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Honestly, it’s quite a decent series. It completely makes me re-asses my ‘’old-fashioned’ views on ‘the birds and the bees’ and makes me want to yell the S-word on the street. So, ehem, I bought the DVD movie. OK not the coolest thing to admit, I know, but I think I’ve become obsessed about relationship, especially my non-existent one.

And in the wake of it all I realized being in love is required so much work, let alone finding one. I hate making that much sacrifice. I guess that explains my laid back attitude towards pursuing ‘the one’ (I am 30, damnit!) Unsurprisingly, I didn’t think there’s such thing as ‘’true love’’ or ‘’love at the first sight’’. In fact, I believe there’s no happily ever after.

Let’s face it, when two people were deeply in love they promised each other the moon and the sun but when adoration and affection go off tangent, it can morph into anything from warped to plain cruel. (Hello, Rihanna). And just like the conversation I had with Sham over YM the other day about a certain someone we know (cough, Shah, cough); disaster comes in many forms. Constant compromise at your expense is the first sign.

Many times, this friend of ours was complaining about his “sticky’’ relationship. We were made to believe he wanted out so badly. However he said whenever he tries to leave the relationship, he turns from Rottweiler to pet poodle and the partner coaxes him back. He said he feels sorry for her. I am wiling to wager that everyone was silently thinking; is this guy serious? But that’s the thing about being in a toxic relationship; you rarely recognize or accept you are in one.

I guess this is the part where I feel much better about my single status. I might even learn a thing or two – like the importance of loving yourself before others. And just to borrow a line in Samantha’s wisdom page; I love you, but I think I love myself more.

Oh my, I am Samantha. Did you cringe? O yeah, I think we all did

Monday, March 16, 2009


OK, this is awkward. Remember I said ‘I dont give a damn about what other people think of me’ and ‘there is no way to offend me’? Well guess what, it turned out that it was not entirely true.Sometimes I do care of what people think of me and it offends me when people don’t realize that.

I wish to make a slight digression so please bear with me .

But first let’s get this fact straight; this post isn’t meant for anybody. I just woke this morning and decided to be grouchy. I promise I won’t make any refence to any particular event or name names, I just want to let out in the open how I feel about things; things that happened to me lately, unspecifically.

And when I said ‘things that happened’, it really means ‘words that pissed me off’ like - Oh I dunno - ‘Mus won’t go travelling unless it’s paid for’or ‘Taylor Hicks sucks’. People like concocting fantasy about my ‘frugal’ lifestyle and choices.They do have vivid imaginations but for one last time let me offer this as a rebuttal:


And as much I do believe and embrace in rationale dialogue and glad everyone is passionate and opiniated, some clumsy remarks do hurt me. I am sure in most cases I would have just heard it all and laughed it off. I am just not built with a soft shell. But when a lot of these craps come from people who claim to be my friends it hurts me deeper than usual.

I try not to suffocate in my humiliation. It makes me feel as if i’d be been teleported back to high school. I can be as mean too but if ever decided to take that low road again, oh, in which case;

Where do I begin?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Name Ain't Bob!

It was a long, tiring weekend, but it wasn’t exactly a sucky one. Yeap, I had to “work” - or as my envious friends unfairly construed “go-for-holiday-and-get-paid” work - but I ain’t complaining.

Truth is I don't mind public criticism.

If I spend too much time thinking about the people who dislike what I do for living, I’m doing a disservice to the people who pay for my holiday, um, salary.

With this spectacular view, who's complaining?

And I’m not like one of those needy people who always on the look out for gratifications and public validations. Believe it of not, for the most part I am quite content with everything that has turned out for me, so none of that scanty remarks really bother me.

So yeah, I do feel blessed. Despite all the horrible things that happened or talked about me lately, my self-esteem seemed to be at all time high. I thought there was nothing could bring me down.

And then comes March.

O Y’know, that I-am-gonna-lose-30lbs-by-March-2009 vow. That stupid March vow I made few months back. Now people are asking. They remember.

“How’s that goal of yours coming along? Cause ,umm,I really don’t see the difference?"

Instantly I vaporized them with my gamma ray gun and sped off. OK, so I lied and failed miserably but hey at least I “tried”.

Anyway, I think anyone can be beautiful if they convince us they are. Look at Madonna – she’s got a gap in her teeth, but if she had no front teeth she would still be beautiful. Does being sexually attractive - being "not fat" –make you gorgeous? Or am I mistaking ‘not fat ‘for beauty?

I’m not vain, but yes it hurts me over the years when people call me fat or even “Bob”....erghhhhhhhhh…

But I am not gonna drown in self-pity and wail. It’s great to be me. Cause you know what, I am awesome! I have a job that pays to go for holiday. So screw March!