Monday, November 29, 2010

Keeping Score

I’m kinda embarrassed to say this; but it’s not that big a deal, so I am gonna say it anyway.

I’ve lost a few kilos. *Glee*

Okay. Maybe - Juuust maybe - a little, slightly-er, tiny weeny a big deal to me. *Nyeh3x!* I mean how often for you see me this excited about anything at all before?

Anyhoo, people do notice of me now. Though, come to think of it, it wasn’t so hard for them to “notice” me back then, nonetheless. Only this time, they would come to me, pat me in the back and often remark how ‘slimmer’ and ‘healthier’ do I look now. And in most instances too, without missing a beat, they would then ask for the “big secret”.

(Ha! Since we are on the subject, let me set the record straight here; there’s no big secret, really. No ‘magic’ pills. No fat disintegrating coffin-like machine. I am not on Galapagos weed grass diet. I am not terminally sick with some exotic diseases. And most importantly, no one dumped me. Ever. Gee…)

At the risk of sounding eerily like Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser, my only secrets are purely perseverance and hard work. (Yeah, lame, I know!)

Nowadays, I just hope I know how to be more gracious when taking in the compliments. I am a sucker in giving back the appropriate, spontaneous, sincere reactions. Just last week, a friend from office tried to offer a nice remark about the new me, when I inadvertently call her ‘fat’ by first; vehemently refused to accept the compliment and secondly; uttered the most inappropriate joke that fall flat in my face.

“Ish, mana ada, you tu kot yang makin besar’

It was a major foot-in-the-mouth situation and I just keep thinking there should be one more opening in my body that should be stuffed with both of my feet and my face too.

Man, I should have just merely say thank you, smile and shut up. So right now I am concentrating on getting better in that area, by learning to take it all in with more grace.

But the fight is far from over. I have few more kilos to get rid of. Finger crossed – should I not fell off the wagon anytime soon – I should be able to achieve my target my April. But there’s no rush. I have been though all this before. So now that I am wiser I’ll take one day at a time.

Who’s gonna keep score anyway?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Am Awesome And I Am Back!

Well, here we are again. For those who really care, sorry about the long hiatus - three words: I’ve been busy. Life’s been, erm, well – to put it eloquently - a catalogues of ups and down and in-betweens. Mostly ups, it has to be said.

As is the custom in this page for the past few years, I won’t take you through the details of highlights during my ‘disappearance’, though contrary to the norm, this time, I’ll be as brief as possible and try not to make my life sound too amazing.

OK, let’s just start with, say, where have I been hiding? Truth is; I have a perfect explanation.

Exactly 26 days ago, as I was leaving apartment for work, I was abducted by the yellow-skinned aliens of the fourth moon of the planet Fortas, who planned to sacrifice me to their god-like King, Molas.

But don’t be alarmed, friends, cause, I, fortunately, managed to escape King Molas’s dungeon with the help of a gorgeous–but-rebellious, rightful Princess Yusras (who totally smitten and charmed by my good look and bulging biceps) and found the fifth element, which by the way, was disguised as an ancient relic somewhere on the top of alien, Divananas mountain.

I then, got to get King Molas to ingest it when he emerged from the palace, with his thousand Gurkha army. He immediately disabled and died under my stinky toes.

And the inhabitants of Planet Fortas once again live in peace. And I live to tell you this awesome adventure of mine.

See, I told you, I have a reason, a very good one right?

My apologies if I have been silence for so long. And even though I was busy with the threat of King Molas and everything, I am still thinking about this page. Or how can I inflate my ego even more.

I promise I won’t be this awesomely crazy again. I am just glad I am back.