Sunday, September 25, 2011

Save a Life And Be a Winner

Have you ever seen a movie in which the main actor was soaking wet with his own sweat trying to doodle a clue to the FBI - 10 seconds before the bad guys blow off the place? If the hero was me, the FBI would have been better learned to mengucap, cause the place WILL (and I tell you in utter confidence) be blown off in 10 seconds. Forget the innocent lives; I can’t draw a line to even save my own life.

I would be happily blamed this “artsy deficiency” to both of my parents. Ask them about Picasso or Latiff Mohidin, and they’ll probably tell you it’s the name of one of their detergents or minyak gamat brands. I was ready to hold up my hands and accuse them for harbouring bad DNA on our siblings, but then my little brother came along. And boy is he like the best painter/graphic designer/animator I know. I mean, he is so creative and full of ideas, he makes my self portrait drawing looks like J.Lo’s butt print.

Last Friday, I was driving my brother to MDEC Hari Raya Open House in Cyberview Lodge Cyberjaya. It was also the day where the winners of Digital Interactive Comic Competition, organized by MDEC will be announced. You see, my brother had submitted his entry 2 months back, and I think he only got a call last two weeks saying he had been shortlisted as one of the finalists. It was not really a shocker, because, you know, like I said, he got a way with the brushes and those tiny magic pens, but to be among the best in the country, whoa, that really blew my mind.

Alas, he didn’t win. I really wanted him to win though. But it’s ok, I am still proud him. And that makes him already a winner to me.

I know I said I couldn’t draw a line the save my own life, but I think, with my brother around, he can take care of that for me.

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Manny

My Manny was sick last week, so I had to send him away for one week to be treated by the professionals. It was really hard for me, but they told me, it’s for the better, so he can heal faster without me poking him around here and there. So I relented.

And I tell you that was the loneliest, most painful 7 days of my life. I missed him so badly. My nights were cold, without him purring his warm, motor-y breath to my cheeks.

But finally, he came back yesterday - looked healthier than ever! I was overjoyed.

Oh Manny Degaldo, my loovah!

Muah! Muah! Muah!**Hugs**

*cue music from Alicia Keys’ If I Ain’t Got You*

And leave us alone, will ya?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reena Got Fresh Kidneys!

I met Herman over lunch the other day. Actually it has been a while since the last time we hang out together. So we planned carefully around my busy, busy schedule and agreed to meet at The Apartment, KLCC. Not wanting to make it sounded a little bit too much like a date and drew an unnecessary attention to us; we invited Reena to join us as well.

In a perfectly normal setting, friends, who you only meet once in every 6 months, would most likely to notice or remark on things they can see now that they didn’t see before - like how the friend has lost major weight by losing a limb, or swollen boobs due to botched sex reassignment surgery, but with Herman, you tend to notice 'other' things too, right inside his pants.

He bought the new Blackberry.

Oh my. Every time that we meet, he’ll be either showing me his newly bought phone or seriously contemplating about buying a new one. It’s like he’s the Steve Job of our Telco industry, the whole market shall collapse should, God forbid, he’s down with a cold and can’t go out and place another booking for the new model. He buys new gadget, like some people buy a carton of milk. In cash.

I am raging inside with jealousy.

I probably wouldn’t mind trading in one of my kidneys for one of those IPads, IPhone or Blackberrys, but I can’t afford to have a scar on my highly insured body right now. It’s too costly. I, too, have been thinking a lot about plotting my friend’s ‘disappearance’ but nah, that would be too fleshy, ops, I mean, messy, you know, with blood and everything.

So Herman, one of these days, should you are not happy with me and lapse into one of your major hissy fits, Naomi-style, please aim your new phone my way. I’ll gladly take it.

Wait, did I mention Reena was with us as well? Maybe she got a pair of fresh kidneys too!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Smoke Gets In My Eyes

I got a cake today. Not like any other cake. This one called ‘White Dark Chocolate Cheese ’ from Secret Recipe. It’s for my birthday, Oh scratch that, anniversary. Yeap, today is my anniversary. This time, I didn’t get the cake myself. My sister bought it for me, so it was extra special – because it’s less, erm well, pathetic.

Anyway, at my request, the so-called “anniversary party” was supposed to be a laid back do, a little family get together with a promised of an all-around grown-ups atmosphere - that means, no surprises, no lame-ass clown (please no!) and I crossed the line on confetti cannon display (sorry ma).

But they were a few little details in the *cough* *cough* 30 years tradition that I insisted of having this time around; such as, me blowing a single candle or two, people singing customary happy birthday song and lots of balloons in the shapes of my favourite animals.

And Oh gift. Yesss, gifts - lots of them.

All my siblings, nephews and both of my parents were all presence, so it was all good, just like what I imagined the good, perfect 30th anniversary party should be.

Bliss. Tsk, my dear God, I think something gets into my eyes,


Thursday, September 1, 2011

“Aiyo, you mesti olang manyak semayang punya, manyak ong maa. Kelete you pun ada heng"

I was driving ‘round town with my mother and two of my siblings when we decided to stop at AEON Jusco Tebrau City Mall for lunch. As you are probably aware, my mom, who has suffered a stroke a few years back, requires a wheelchair whenever she needs to move around a humongous mall like this - which by the way here in JB, you can find them almost everywhere.

So while my little brother made a quick dash to the information counter to loan one of those wheels, me and mom, combed the whole blocks around the mall looking for a parking space for our, ehem, ‘sprawling’ ride. And after seemingly like a lifetime or two, we finally managed to snag the best spot not too far from the main entrance. Yes!

Unfortunately, even after half an hour, my brother still couldn’t get hold of that chair. They were all out. I guess today is old-folks-home-denizen-visiting-mall day or something. Damn. So we decided to just wait in the car for the next available wheelchair.

In the car, to kill time, I turned up the air conditioning to the max and was having a really good chat with my mom - as should all good sons do. We were completely engrossed with our little conversation - which regrettably only revolve around the topics of ‘marriage’ and ‘having kids’ (Damn those old people who ‘stole’ our wheelchairs!) - when from the corner of my eyes, I noticed another vehicle, an MPV was trying, rather wobbly, to squeeze in a tiny space just in front of us. Unable to ignore, I also noticed there was a very tall lamp post in between our car and that MPV.

It didn’t take a few seconds later when I heard a loud thud followed by a gradual shrieking sound.

OH. MY. GOD. The back of that stupid MPV really did hit the base of the lamp post hard and now it gave away. To my horror, it went straight to our direction!

My mom, who I suspected has been exercising her lungs for a momentous occasion like this, screamed her heart’s content, which only added an eerily appropriate background track to this already intense situation.

I was stumped. So many questions were coursing through my mind.

My car!!! My imported, SPRAWLING car!!

Fortunately, the pole missed our car and collapsed just an inch away. An inch. I tell you, should a mere gust of wind blew through its teeth to our direction, we could all well be on the headlines the next morning. That how close it was. Like a wind, I jumped out of my seat and went around straight on the other side - looking for a reason to strangle the moron who almost caused hurt and trauma to my car.

It turned out my baby was fine. No scratches. And Oh, so was my mom.

People were beginning to gather around our spot - thanks to my mom’s un-restrained wails and only then, the main culprit emerged from the vehicle. It was a Chinese couple, who inexplicably looked completely calm and collected. I mean, wtf!

I, too, was not going to go down with that and act like some uncivilized prick, so tried as I might to appear unruffled – with the right dose of stoical and authority - but just as stern. I guess that worked like a charm (or probably due to my ‘intimidating’ size). Slowly they were dropping the act and trying to be chummy with me instead.

“Aiyo, apa sudah jadi?”

‘You tell me, idiot’.

“Ini lampu, bahaya la, tak boleh ada sini”

‘O get real, stupid’.

They did however ask me how I was doing and offer to assist in any way.

I said no. “We are fine”.

“Aiyo, you mesti olang manyak semayang punya, manyak ong maa. Kelete you pun ada heng, sikit aja lagi mau kena”.

The nerve.