Sunday, August 17, 2014

Superheroes Adventure 2014

It was that time of the year again for yet another LDC Superheroes Adventures. Only this time our little “adventure” was much closer at home. This year, we chose Berjaya Times Square Hotel for our Annual BE Outing @ Weekend Getaway.

After a quick checked-in to our rooms, we were then walked together to CEO Neway Karaoke at Fahrenheit Bukit Bintang for our first planned activity – karaoke / dinner. It was the main event that everyone was looking forward to. Unfortunately Nita couldn’t join us, so she had missed all the actions.
It was really a night to be remembered for everyone. Luqman soaring vocal powerhouse and energetic ‘performances’ lightened up the atmosphere all night long. But the brightest star among all was of course none other than our resident singer, Kyra. We were basked in the lush vocal timbre and charismatic personality of the soulful, captivating singer that she is.
Shahrul was the first one to leave due to ‘family commitment’ but the rest of us, we continued chilling out, singing to our hearts’ contents, and eating until the wee hours of the morning. An opportunity to hang out together like this is rare - like finding an albino big foot in the wild, so we were really let everything hung loose.
We called it a night around 4am. Everyone looked super tired but we still half-heartedly promised to do breakfast and probably gym together in the morning but alas it wasn’t really meant to be. We only met each other again around 10.00am before we proceed to another activity.
Next activity was bowling. We went to Ampang Superbowl Berjaya Times Square in hope to bowl away the late morning drowsiness, unfortunately; all lanes were fully booked that day. We were slightly irritated but it didn’t hamper our spirits. A small snooker centre called Cue Station located beside the bowling alley caught our attentions. At first we were not really sure about it but after a few nudges and jolts, it turned out to be a nice surprise. I’d think Boey, Kong and Alvin enjoyed the game. I personally liked it. It was a fun first time experience for me.
Time flies when we are having fun. Next thing we know it was lunchtime and our chosen makan place was Absolut Thai on Lower Ground Berjaya Times Square. It was a cozy little place. The food was good but the companion was even better. We have invited few special guests, Ain and Ira to join us for lunch. It was a wonderful afternoon, wonderful times with friends.
We bid each other goodbyes around 2.00pm with a big smile on our faces, knowing very well in our hearts we couldn’t wait for our next ‘adventure’.

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